Gents 9k Gold Traditional Memorial Ashes Ring
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This gentleman’s 9k gold ring has a traditional style band and is a discreet and elegant way in which to have a departed loved one close more

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"We love the practical design of this simple, elegant ring which can be worn daily. We also love that with twelve resin colours to choose from you can make a very special personalised ring."

Allow 7 days after we receive the ashes (Sterling Silver Pieces, Standard Sizes)

Full Description & Specification

This gentleman’s 9k gold ring has a traditional style band and is a discreet and elegant way in which to have a departed loved one close to you always. The wide band has two narrow parallel grooves in it, into which the coloured resin is entered. The resin comes in a choice of twelve different colours, and a tiny amount of the cremation ashes of your loved one will be carefully mixed into it before mounting.  We always take great care of the precious ashes and treat them with the due respect.

When set, the ashes stay suspended within the resin to create a magical effect. This is a permanent process and can not be reversed, but these ashes will be kept safe and visible forever. Extra sparkle can be obtained by adding a tiny amount of real diamond dust to the mix. This simple yet elegant ring is perfect for everyday wear so that you can have your loved one with you at all times.

Why not add a secondary colour to create your perfect ring?  Simply choose the first colour when ordering through our website, and then indicate a secondary colour when you receive the order confirmation form through the post.

This gentleman’s 375 9k gold traditional style memorial ring is a simple band ring with two parallel grooves which hold the resin, in your choice of colour(s), which contains a tiny pinch of cremation ashes. Chose white, yellow or rose 9k gold.



  • Hallmarked 375 9k Gold
  • Choice of Coloured Resins
  • 1 Year Warranty

    Measurements & Technical Data:

    • Band width at thickest point of 8mm
    • Band width at narrowest point of 8mm
    • Typical weight (before resin) of 8.5 grams
    • Any UK size - made to order
    • Chose white, yellow or rose 9k gold.



    Ordering Process:

    Choose which colour resin you would like to encase the ashes of your loved one.

    Once you have ordered your ring we will send you a special kit for you to use in order to confirm which size ring to order, confirm resin colours, and to send a small amount of ashes back to us.

    The kit contains:

    • Ring sizer
    • Spoon for transferring a small amount of ashes
    • Small labelled bag to put the ashes in to
    • Order confirmation form
    • Cherished Urns Pen
    • Freepost return padded envelope

      Once you receive the kit and have confirmed all of the details of your order using the order confirmation form, please send us the ashes of your loved one in the Freepost envelope provided. We will then send you a silver version of the size that you have chosen in order to confirm the size of the ring before ordering your gold ring. 

      This process takes around 8 weeks, and once your ring is ready we will send it to you by courier. If you need it sooner than this then please contact us in order that we can help!

      Please remember that as this jewellery piece is made bespoke for each customer, returns and refunds are not allowed. Please also remember to always keep a small amount of ashes in case of loss.

      These creations are the end result of many manual handcrafted steps, that can lead to small differences in resin colour and finish. They are made by expert hands of experienced goldsmiths and artisans, combining traditional and new techniques to create a beautiful memorial jewellery piece.

      Material: 9k Gold (white, yellow or rose)
      Finish: 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating, optional solid 9k Gold
      Weight (Kg): 0.006Kg's Approximately
      Height / Dimensions: 8mm band at thickest point, 8mm band at narrowest point
      Ring Size: Made to order
      Comes With: Presentation Box & Gift Bag
      Product Code: EW-R-315-G
      Availability: Allow 7 Days (Sterling Silver Pieces)