Circular Shaped Sterling Silver Cremation Ashes Locket

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The Circular silver cremation ashes locket has a highly polished shiny surface and is crafted from 925 hallmarked Sterling Silver. It has a Rhodium plating which more

We Love
"We love that with twelve different resin colours you can create a special personalised tribute to a departed loved one. We also love the option to add a pinch of real diamond dust to create an extra magical sparkle."

Allow 7 days after we receive the ashes

Full Description & Specification

The Circular silver cremation ashes locket has a highly polished shiny surface and is crafted from 925 hallmarked Sterling Silver. It has a Rhodium plating which helps to keep it looking like new by preventing tarnishing. The unisex locket hangs from a swing bale on a cable chain which weighs one-gram and it comes beautifully gift wrapped.

When you open this little locket, you will find space on one side to enter a tiny picture and in the other, the special resin containing the cremated remains will be mounted.

You can choose from twelve different resin colours, and even add a little diamond dust if you like, to create a very special personalised memorial to a departed friend, family member, or pet.

When set, the resin looks like a highly polished stone and you will be able to see the ashes set safely within it and suspended in a beautiful ethereal way. This is a lovely way to keep someone close forever. Please note that this is not waterproof.


  • Hallmarked with 925 Sterling Silver
  • Includes 18” (approximately 46cm) Cable Style Sterling Silver Chain
  • Sterling Silver pieces feature Rhodium Plating to give a glossy finish similar to White Gold
  • Choice of Coloured Resins
  • Suitable for both Ashes and Hair
  • Only available in 925 Sterling Silver
  • 1 Year Warranty

Measurements & Technical Data:

  • Depth of 6mm
  • Diameter of 20mm
  • Typical weight of 6 grams
  • Sterling Silver pieces feature a 0.075 micron Rhodium Plating
  • This model available in 925 Sterling Silver only

Ordering Process:

Choose which colour resin you would like to encase the ashes of your loved one.

Once you have ordered your jewellery piece we will send you a special kit for you to use in order to confirm your resin colour, and to send a small amount of ashes back to us.

The kit contains:

  • Spoon for transferring a small amount of ashes
  • Small labelled bag to put the ashes in to
  • Order confirmation form
  • Cherished Urns Pen
  • Freepost return padded envelope

    Once you receive the kit and have confirmed all of the details of your order using the order confirmation form, please send us the ashes of your loved one in the Freepost envelope provided. We will then start the process of making your unique jewellery piece for you.

    This process takes up to 7 days, and once your jewellery piece is ready we will send it to you by courier. If you need it sooner than this then please contact us in order that we can help!

    Please remember that as this jewellery piece is made bespoke for each customer, returns and refunds are not allowed. Please also remember to always keep a small amount of ashes in case of loss.

    These creations are the end result of many manual handcrafted steps, that can lead to small differences in resin colour and finish. They are made by expert hands of experienced goldsmiths and artisans, combining traditional and new techniques to create a beautiful memorial jewellery piece.

    Material: Sterling Silver
    Finish: 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating
    Weight (Kg): 0.006Kg's Approximately
    Height / Dimensions: 20mm
    Comes With: Jewellery Box & Gift Bag
    Product Code: EW-L-811
    Availability: Allow 7 Days