Ashes set in resin for bespoke cremation jewellery

Ashes set in resin for bespoke cremation jewellery

Ashes set in resin is the best option for unique pieces of bespoke cremation jewellery. Read on to discover why resin is a better option than glass for memorial jewellery.

Five reasons to choose ashes set in resin

Here are five reasons why we use resin to create our unique collection of memorial jewellery rather than glass.


1. Choice of settings

Resin can be poured into any size or shape of mount. This allows us to offer a wide choice of styles and designs, from chunky and bold, to dainty and delicate. Additionally, the liquid resin forms itself perfectly into the mount ensuring a secure bond. With glass, the shape is formed outside of the mounting and then inserted. This means that glass is much more likely to fall out of the mount.

2. Hair, fur or ashes set in resin

Using resin allows us to include other substances, not just ashes. You can choose to add hair, fur, feathers, diamond dust, or even sand, paper or any dry substance in tiny pieces. Also, as the resin is built up layer upon layer our jewellery can actually position the ashes, hair or whatever to display it at its best. Glass does not allow this variety of matters to be included. Additionally, the jeweller does not have the same control over the finished look, it's more luck.

3. Wider choice of colours

We offer a choice of twelve standard colours of resin. These may look slightly different in the finished item depending on the colour of the ashes themselves. If our jeweller feels that the ashes set in resin in your chosen colour will not best display them, they will contact you to see how you want to proceed. Additionally, we can also custom blend any colour you would like. If you send us a colour swatch we can match your desired colour.

4. Durability

While glass is admittedly harder than resin it is prone to get scratched with use and so lose the shiny surface. The final layer of resin that we add is extremely hard and durable. It is scratch-resistant to help preserve the perfect shiny finish. Additionally, our resin is UV-resistant so it will not fade or change colour with time. Furthermore, glass is prone to crack, chip, or even shatter. This could cause injury and the loss of the precious ashes set within. Ashes set in resin are held safely forever.

5. Comfort

Glass is much heavier than resin and can make a piece of memorial jewellery feel uncomfortably heavy to wear. Our jewellery is much lighter so even large pieces with ashes set in resin are comfortable to wear.

Take a look at our selection of memorial jewellery with ashes set in resin and find the perfect item to keep a loved one forever close.