Urns that dissolve in water for a unique farewell

Urns that dissolve in water for a unique farewell

Urns that dissolve in water for a unique farewell by Kristina Kennedy-Aguero

Urns that dissolve in water are the ideal way to organise a unique farewell for your loved one. Water burials are very popular, particularly for those who have lived or worked on rivers, lakes, or the sea.

Is it legal to have a water burial in the UK using urns that dissolve in water?

Yes, it is completely legal to introduce ashes into a body of water in the UK. If the lake or river is on private land you must get permission from the landowner to disperse the cremation ashes. The only requirement is that there is nothing that could contaminate the water. For this reason, urns that dissolve in water are a very popular option. They are made of only natural components that fully dissolve without any contaminating residues.

From where can you scatter or place ashes into water?

You can release ashes from a bridge, boat, river, or shoreside.

A boat offers better privacy for a more intimate moment and there are numerous places that offer this service around the UK.

If you are going to have a water burial in a public place you should be aware of the people around you. It is a good idea to choose a time and place where there are not many other people about.

How to perform a water burial

Some people choose to directly scatter the ashes into the water from a container, such as one of our specially designed scatter tubes. Their easy-open press-in lid and comfortable shape help to make this a controlled and calm affair. However, the breeze often found near and on the water can cause the ashes to blowback or go where you don't want them to.

Many people, therefore, choose the option of placing the ashes inside a water-soluble urn. This is then placed onto the surface of the water where it floats for a short while. This gives chance for a moment of contemplation and final farewells. The urn then slowly sinks into the water where it will gently release the ashes as it gradually dissolves. The floating and dissolving times will vary depending on the weight of the ashes, the type of urn, and the water conditions.

Why choose urns that dissolve in water?

Urns that dissolve in water come in many designs, shapes, sizes and materials. They contain only natural non-contaminating substances that will disappear completely into the water. Most have a small bag inside into which you place the cremation ashes.

There are boxes and envelopes of handcrafted paper with small petals inside. Novelty shapes such as dolphins, turtles and sand dollars. There is even an urn into which you can post your personal note to accompany the deceased on their ultimate journey.  Check out our huge selection of urns that dissolve in water here.