Elements with ashes for Glass Lockets - the perfect gift

Elements with ashes for Glass Lockets - the perfect gift

Elements with ashes for Glass Lockets - the perfect gift by Kristina Kennedy-Aguero

Elements with ashes make a lovely gift. They go within a glass locket and the wearer can change the elements displayed within the locket as they wish.

What types of glass lockets are there?

We offer four distinct glass lockets in which to display the elements with ashes. There is a large heart-shaped locket and a small one. Also, a large circular locket and a small one.
Each one consists of two pieces of toughened glass set into the mount and joined by a tiny hinge to allow opening . Glass lockets are in stock in .925 Sterling Silver or, we can make them to order in yellow, rose or white 9K gold.

What are the elements with ashes?

The elements are the tiny forms that go inside the locket. They also come either in silver or your choice of gold colour. There are hearts, stars, moons, clovers, dog bones, and round elements to choose from. These are available in small and large sizes.

The resin is carefully poured into each tiny mount to create the elements with ashes. There are twelve different resin colours to choose from or we can custom blend you a specific shade. Also, you can choose to add a pinch of real diamond dust to create extra sparkle.
Additionally, there is a large five-petal flower, and you can choose to have each petal with a different colour resin if you so desire.

How many elements with ashes enter in the lockets?

In the large glass lockets, there is room for two small and two large elements, or for up to five small elements. The small lockets can hold up to three small elements, or one large and one small one.
It is easy to insert and change the elements with ashes inside the glass pendant. Simply remove it from the chain, and gently move the two parts of the bale in opposite directions to open the locket. You can then add elements, or remove them, to combine them differently. Then click the clasp securely shut again and reinsert the chain.

What makes a glass locket with elements so special?

As you can change which elements are in the locket you can create different looks or have different people accompanying you. The glass locket with elements is a very versatile piece of jewellery that can transform itself into many different presentations.

This makes elements with ashes the ideal gift for someone who already has a glass locket, or you can purchase the pocket also.

Each element is meticulously crafted and beautifully packaged in a tiny presentation box that is ideal for gifting.