Bespoke memorial jewellery, a perfect gift for Mothers Day

Bespoke memorial jewellery, a perfect gift for Mothers Day

Bespoke memorial jewellery makes a perfect gift at any time. And, for Mothers Day it is a touching gift that any Mum would love to receive. Whether it is to commemorate a son or daughter, or another relative, any mother would be delighted to receive such a special present.

What kinds of bespoke memorial jewellery are there?

You can see our entire range of individually crafted memorial jewellery by clicking here. Rings are our most popular piece of jewellery. However, our pendants, lockets, and bracelets are also chosen frequently. Additionally, we also offer earrings and charm beads.

Each piece is made entirely by hand. We enter our special resin containing the cremation ashes or hair into the mount of your chosen piece of jewellery.  There are a number of choices available to create a truly unique piece of jewellery.

What choices are there?

First, you must choose the item of jewellery you wish to purchase. Next, the metal. Pieces in Sterling Silver are made within seven days of receiving the ashes back. Jewellery in yellow, pink or white gold takes up to twenty-one days as we must order them especially.

Your next choice is the resin colour. There are twelve different colours available and these are UV resistant so they will not fade or change over time. When set the resin is very hard and durable. It looks like a polished stone. The ashes will be clearly visible and permanently sealed and suspended within.

Next, you must decide if you wish to add a pinch of real diamond dust into the resin mix. This gives an extra sparkle and a mystical ethereal effect.

Finally, go to the checkout and select your safe payment method. We offer several ways to pay so chose which one suits you best. Make sure that you specify the correct delivery address. Especially if it is a gift to someone.

What happens next?

As soon as we receive your order we send you a package to return some ashes to us via Freepost. We treat the ashes with great care and respect and will return any that are left over to you.

We inform you throughout the crafting process and will let you know the time slot for delivery. Each piece of jewellery is sent in a lovely presentation box ready for gifting.

Make someone special happy this Mothers Day with a unique and personal gift that she can cherish forever.