Biodegradable urns are an ecologically friendly choice

Biodegradable urns are an ecologically friendly choice

Biodegradable urns are becoming increasingly more popular. Many people now want to reduce their impact on our planet and are seeking ecologically friendly urns. All of these urns will naturally decompose when buried and so release the ashes into the ground.

What types of biodegradable urns are there?

We offer several different types of biodegradable urns in a range of materials. These include recycled or handmade paper, wood, bamboo, or cornstarch.

The Earthurn collection of biodegradable urns.

Our Eathurn collection includes hearts, boxes, canisters, and envelopes, and they come in different sizes and colours. They are made from the bark of the Mulberry Tree. The ancient process used to remove the bark does not harm the tree which continues to grow. The sustainable production method makes this a green burial option. The resulting hand-made paper feels soft and has a pleasant texture. Some styles have tiny leaves or flowers embedded into the paper.

These urns include a natural silk bag with a ribbon and come with a matching picture frame. You can keep these after you bury the urn itself.
When you bury this urn it will naturally biodegrade within the ground. The time it takes to do this depends on the soil and climate conditions.

You can also use these urns for the temporary storage of ashes and then for scattering. 

Wooden urns

Wooden urns are also biodegradable although they take much longer to do so than these Earthurns. They are still an ecologically friendly option as sustainably produced woods are used. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. You can also use a wood urn as a permanent storage place for ashes.

Bamboo urns

This bamboo urn is created from sustainably cultivated bamboo. You can use it as a permanent storage place for ashes, or, if you bury it, it will gradually decompose. 

Cornstarch urns

Cornstarch urns are another biodegradable alternative. These have a more traditional appearance and are more durable. You can permanently keep ashes in them either in your home or in a columbarium or niche. If you choose to bury them they will naturally decompose over a period of time. These urns come in different colours and sizes and some have lovely floral designs painted by hand on them.

Water-soluble urns

Our water-soluble urns are made from recycled paper.