Choosing a Cremation Urn for a loved one’s ashes

Choosing a Cremation Urn for a loved one’s ashes

During the sad time after the death of a loved one, making decisions can be hard, and choosing an appropriate urn in which to place their cremation ashes may seem difficult. If the departed person expressed any preferences regarding the style of urn, then these should be respected, but if not, here are a few thoughts which might make the decision easier.

If you already have an idea what you are going to do with the ashes this will help you to determine the kind of urn you should look for.

If you are planning on scattering the ashes immediately a Scattering Tube may be a good option.

If you are going to disperse the ashes in a body of water, either the sea, a lake, or a river, then a water-soluble biodegradable urn is what you require.

If the ashes are to be buried in a graveyard or placed in a niche you may want to choose an urn of a material which will remain intact to preserve the ashes. Brass Urns or Aluminium Urns would both be excellent choices. Investigate if there are any size restrictions, as some niches are quite small.

If you are going to keep the urn at home, either on show or in its presentation box, choose an urn which looks pleasing and feels comforting to you.

Perhaps you are still undecided about the final destination of your loved one’s ashes, and, in that case, you should choose an urn that will safeguard its precious contents until you have come to a decision. Many people create a special space for an urn in their home with photos and remembrances of the departed person. Here the urn can be a focal point for your thoughts, and many people find comfort in taking the urn in their hands and holding it close to feel still the unbreakable link with their loved one. Choose an urn which reflects the character and taste of the departed so that gazing at it will always remind you of them.

Urns come in many different styles, some are very elaborate while others are much simpler, some have classic forms and others more modern.  Wooden Urns are popular for their natural aspect and warm feel, and Teardrop Shaped Urns can be a fitting choice.

Choosing an urn is a very special and personal moment, so take time to look calmly through the different cremation urn options and let your heart guide you to the one that is correct for you and your departed loved one.