Coping with Christmas after losing someone special

Coping with Christmas after losing someone special

Coping with Christmas after losing a special friend or loved one can be hard. At this time, when everyone else is happy, it can even intensify your sadness. If you have recently lost someone special and are facing your first Christmas without them, here are some thoughts that might help.


Christmas with the family

At family gatherings, the absence of someone special who would normally be there, can be painful.  However, you should make an effort to participate in family events. Take the opportunity to talk with family members you might not often see. Remember that they too are experiencing the loss of that special person. So you may be able to help them at coping with Christmas as much as they may help you. Sharing memories and anecdotes with the family can really help the healing process.

Christmas with friends

Take up invitations from friends to join them this Christmas. Often when we feel sad and lonely we want to just hideaway. Although you may find it difficult to join in with the group, don't isolate yourself. Sharing special times with friends can be a real help for coping with Chrismas. It can give you a chance to relax and just enjoy the company of others.

Coping with Christmas alone

If, since the departure of your loved one you are left alone, Christmas can be doubly difficult to deal with. So, although you may not feel like it, try to get out and join in some activities. At this time of year, many churches and charities arrange events and meals for lonely people. Take advantage of this and join in. You probably don't feel very festive, but it is likely that many of the other people there are in a similar situation. So, motivate yourself to go along, and you may be surprised to discover that you might find comfort among others. Sometimes, being with people whom you don't know well allows you to find your new self. It helps you to start to think of the future instead of dwelling in the past.

Moving on with your life after losing someone special is never easy, but it is essential. Instead of isolating yourself and feeling lonely, make the effort to participate in the many events that are going on. Go to a carol service or to the lighting up of the Chrismas tree. Maybe this Chrismas will bring a new ray of light and hope into your life and you will find it easier to cope with your loss.