Cremated remains offer more options than a burial

Cremated remains offer more options than a burial

Cremated remains give you a much greater range of options of what to do with them than the finality of burying the body. While many find the burial of a deceased person to be a satisfactory option, more people are opting for cremation.

Why choose cremation rather than the burial of the body?

Burying a body can seem so final. Admittedly, you can visit the grave and still feel a link with the departed, but they become something distant and distinct. However, with cremation, the body becomes a substance which offers many different possibilities.

What are cremated remains?

They are what a dead body becomes after cremation. Although frequently called ashes, cremated remains are actually largely tiny pieces of bone. In the cremator, the high temperature, between 1500 and 1900°F causes the organs and tissues to vaporize, and the water to evaporate. The process usually lasts two to two and a half hours, and finally, only fragments of bone remain. When cool, pulverizing these converts them into dense, sand-like ashes.

Cremated remains are normally whiteish grey, but the colour can vary. Individual pieces of bone may range in colour from white to black. The amount of cremated remains also can vary. Generally, each pound of weight in life will become one-cubic inch of ashes. However, it is the height, more than the weight of the person that determines the quantity of ashes.

What can you do with the cremated remains?

Many people choose to permanently keep the remains in a beautiful urn either in their home or in a columbarium. Others may make a temporary tribute display to the deceased and later decide to do something else with the cremated remains.

Some people choose a water or an ecological burial with a biodegradable urn.

Sharing ashes between family members and close friends of the deceased is a popular option. Keepsake or miniature urns are ideal for this.

Some people choose to scatter the ashes in a special location. For this, we recommend using a scatter tube. You can carry one of these tubes on a plane if you need to fly to the destination, and the simple push-in lid guarantees a simple and moving farewell.

Memorial jewellery is a favourite option, and you can choose from self-fill pieces of jewellery or those where some of the ashes are blended into a special resin. For the latter, we select the tiny fragments of bone that will look best within the resin colour of your choice, and the end result is a stunning piece of memorial jewellery and a lasting tribute to a departed loved one.