Cremation or burial, which is the best option for you or a loved one?

Cremation or burial, which is the best option for you or a loved one?

Cremation is currently chosen by 75-percent of all people in the UK, and the figure continues to rise. What are the factors that are encouraging more people to choose cremation over burial?

Cremation costs vs burial costs

In 2107, the average price of a cremation is £753, compared to £1792 for a burial. Prices, of course, vary at different locations around the county. For example, at the Highgate Cemetry in London, a burial currently costs £18,325. Meanwhile, in parts of Northern Ireland, the cost can be as low as £261.  Costs for cremation do not vary so greatly. The highest prices are around £1000 and the lowest about half of that. Some crematoriums also offer a cheaper, direct service. This usually takes place in the early morning and mourners cannot attend.

Religious beliefs

Most branches of Christianity permit cremation. In 1963, the Roman Catholic church lifted the prohibition on cremating mortal remains. However, scattering or dividing of the ashes is not allowed. Islam and Orthodox Judaism do not permit cremation. For Buddhists the practice is acceptable, and for Hindus, it is the preferred option.

Environmental Friendliness

For some people, the slow decomposition in the ground is more environmentally friendly. They cite the fact that incinerating a body uses the same amount of energy as the average person uses in a month.  Curiously, the process is also the culprit for sixteen-percent of the mercury pollution in the UK. This is due to the fillings in the deceased's teeth. However, a body to be cremated is normally placed into a simple wooden casket. Much more ecologically friendly than an ornate hardwood coffin. Then, there are the embalming chemicals which can get into the watercourse, as well as the amount of physical space which a burial requires.

Cremation offers greater convenience and more options

Some people like to go to the graveyard to visit their departed, and this can still be an option for those who choose to be cremated. Cremation, however, gives the realtives more options as to where their loved one will remain. Some people choose to scatter the ashes of the departed in a special place. It is much easier to travel with ashes than with a body. You can even take our scatter tubes with ashes in, on an aeroplane. Others may choose to place the ashes in a lovely brass urn and keep it in their home or in a columbarium. Some people like to share the ashes with other family members in tiny keepsake urns. While cremation jewellery lets people have a small part of their departed loved one close by always.