Cremation caskets for babies and infants

Cremation caskets for babies and infants

Cremation caskets come in a range of sizes to lovingly accommodate your child's body. They are the perfect place to hold your child's body during the cremation process.

Cremation caskets can help you to cope

The death of a baby or a young child is devastating. Making decisions or even thinking clearly is almost impossible at this sad time. One of our hand-crafted cremation caskets for babies is the perfect place for this precious cargo. It has simple lines and looks and feels clean, soft, and pure. You can be sure that your child is in a safe and beautiful place.

What sizes do they come in?

Our cremation caskets come in five different lengths. They are 8, 12, 19,22,or 28-inches in length. This lets you choose the ideal size to comfortably hold your child's body. They are rectangular and have a lid that fits easily and snugly on top.

What are they made of?

Handmade bark paper forms each casket.  An ancient technique removes the bark from the Mulberry tree. This does not damage the tree which continues to grow.

The resulting paper is a warm shade of white and has tiny coloured flecks formed by little flower petals. It has a gentle texture which feels soft and warm to the touch.

You can choose a soft blue fleece decorated with stars and moons to line the casket. Additionally, there is a small pillow of the same fabric to gently cushion your child's head.

Blooming ornament

There is also a heart-shaped blooming ornament containing forget-me-not seeds. Soak the ornament in water and then place it under a quarter-inch of fine soil. You can plant it in a pot indoors or directly outside at springtime. Keep your seeds watered and they will germinate in about two weeks. The paper will decompose and your seeds will grow into lovely little blue flowers. These will keep growing year after year as a touching eternal remembrance of your departed child.

What happens to the casket?

The fire completely consumes the casket during the cremation process. It contains no toxic substances to contaminate the ashes.

What can I do with my babies ashes?

We offer a lovely selection of urns and miniature urns for the cremation ashes of children. These can bring you comfort as you observe their beauty. Some people keep these at home, bury them, or place them in a columbarium. Alternatively, you can scatter the ashes in a special place using a scatter tube.

Many people choose to include a small amount of their child's ashes in a piece of memorial jewellery. This can bring peace and comfort knowing that your child is still close to you always.