Father's day gifts that will be cherished forever

Father's day gifts that will be cherished forever

Father's day gifts that will be cherished forever by Kristina Kennedy-Aguero

Father's day is approaching, and a piece of bespoke memorial jewellery could make a cherished gift for a special man. What could be a better present than reuniting them with someone they love?

Why choose memorial jewellery as a Father's day gift?

We create our memorial jewellery by combining ashes or hair into our special resin. This allows the recipient to have a departed loved one forever close. Many people find great comfort knowing that a special person is accompanying them again.

What better Father's day gift than reuniting someone with a wife, child, parent or friend.

What kinds of memorial jewellery are there?

Our extensive range of individually-created unique pieces of bespoke jewellery for men has something for everyone. There are rings, pendants and cufflinks to choose from. We offer classic, traditional styles as well as more modern contemporary options. Take your time to browse through the selection of memorial jewellery for men to find the perfect item for a unique Father's day gift.

What metals are available?

Our .925 Sterling Silver jewellery is hallmarked and beautifully crafted. Each piece has a thin Rhodium plating that protects the piece from scratching and prevents tarnishing. We can normally create silver items within seven days of receiving the ashes.

Most styles are also available in 9k gold. Choose from yellow, white or rose gold. As each item of gold jewellery is individually crafted to order you should expect delivery within 4-6 weeks. So, if you're going to choose a gold item for that really special father's day present, you should order it as soon as possible.

How do we insert the ashes?

After placing your order you'll receive a sealed plastic bag and a Freepost envelope to send us about a teaspoonful of ashes. Our jewellers will select the best pieces of ashes and carefully place them into the coloured resin. Using resin allows us to insert ashes, or hair into many different shapes of mounts. Our special resin sets very hard and will not chip, scratch, or break. Additionally, we can add a sprinkle of real diamond dust into the mixture to create a subtle, magical sparkle.

We treat the ashes or hair with the utmost care and respect at all times.

What resin colours are there?

We offer a choice of twelve distinct resin colours. Some items of jewellery have two or more mounts. This lets you choose a different colour, or even different ashes, to be set into each mount. We can even custom-blend colours, and if you send us a colour swatch we will do our utmost to match it.
Our resin is UV-resistant, so it will not fade or change colour so your unique Father's day gift will remain unchanged forever.

How to order your unique Father's day present

Ordering is quick and easy and you can choose to have the item delivered directly to the recipient if you wish. All of our jewellery comes in a lovely gift box and is tastefully presented, so it makes the perfect Father's day gift.