Gourd urns, a unique option to hold ashes

Gourd urns, a unique option to hold ashes

Gourd urns are a unique natural place to safe-keep the ashes of someone special.

What are gourds?

Gourds grow on a vinelike plant and there are many different types of gourds. The ones that make these unique gourd urns come from the southwest of the USA. Gourds grow in hot desert climates and are one of the oldest plants to be cultivated. The Egyptians used them as water bottles and many cultures still use them today as containers. Additionally, they can be kitchen utensils, drums, stringed instruments, and toys.

How are gourds processed?

When the stem turns brown the gourd is ready to harvest. Then, it must be left to dry for a week out of direct sunlight and in a well-ventilated area. They must then go into a dark place with a good airflow where they dry for a further six months. To prevent rotting they must be rotated and not touching each other. When the gourd feels hard to the touch, is lightweight and you can hear the seeds inside, it is ready to use.

How do you make gourd urns?

When the urn is completely dry the seeds and any remnants of pulp are removed through the hole which is cut where the stalk was. It is through this hole that the ashes will be inserted. A natural piece of cork is hand-shaped to fill the hole and hold the ashes securely within.
Each urn is a natural work of art that the artist enhances using a burning technique to create unique gourd urns. Each urn is topped with a small piece of beautiful driftwood and comes with a twenty-five-gram cast bronze memorial medallion with a Tree of Life. Additionally, you can engrave a special message or a name on the pain reverse of the medallion. The driftwood and the medallion are secured with a leather thong. You can also purchase the Tree of Life medallion separately.

Are there different sizes?

Yes, our gourd urns come in two sizes. The larger one has a 3.6-litre capacity which is large enough to hold the ashes of an adult. It measures approximately 15.8-cm in height and has a 24-cm diameter, although each urn is unique and may vary slightly in size, shape, and colour. The smaller size is about 10-cm high, and has a diameter of 14.6-cm. This has a 0.65-litre capacity and is suitable for the ashes of a pet or small child. Alternatively, it makes a lovely keepsake urn to hold a small amount of an adult's ashes.

Are gourd urns biodegradable?

Yes, if you bury the urn in the ground it will naturally biodegrade over a period of time. However, if you store it in a dry place it will remain unchanged and conserve the ashes within.
Gourd urns are also a unique natural option to use for scattering ashes. You can carry them as hand luggage on most airlines if you wish to travel to a special place for the final farewell.