"Green" burial urns for a special farewell

"Green" burial urns for a special farewell

"Green" burial urns for a special farewell by Kristina Kennedy-Aguero

"Green" burial urns are becoming more and more popular as people try to reduce their carbon footprint. We offer a number of different biodegradable and water-soluble urns. This will let you find the perfect urn for the environmentally friendly farewell you choose. A "green" land or water burial lets you give your globally-conscious loved one the departure they would want.

What makes an urn "green"?

We use the term "green" for a product that does not contaminate the environment in any way. Our urns utilise renewable resources and they degrade without leaving harmful traces. Our choice of "green" burial urns minimise the impact on the environment while still offering a lovely memorial to your loved one.

What types of Green burial urns are there?

Some of our "green" urns come from natural substances such as gourds, bamboo, or cornstarch. Others, use recycled or handcrafted paper that comes from a renewable source.

  • Cornstarch urns- you can use one of our cornstarch "Green" burial urns for the permanent storage of ashes if you wish. They have the appearance of a "normal" urn and are solid and sturdy. Additionally, a snap-lock lid keeps the ashes safely inside. However, if you choose to bury it, this urn will totally decompose over a period of time. The paints used to decorate these urns are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Gourd urns- are also suitable to permanently store ashes as they are specially dried to preserve them. However, if you bury it, this natural urn will also totally biodegrade in the soil.
  • Bamboo urns- also biodegrade if you bury them in the earth.  However, you can also use them for the permanent storage of ashes. The bamboo is sustainably grown and produces a lightweight plywood. All the glues are ecologically friendly to make this a lovely choice of "Green" burial urn.

More kinds of biodegradable urns

  • Paper urns- most of these green burial urns use the bark of the Mulberry tree. A traditional technique allows harvesting of the bark without damaging the tree and allows it to continue to grow.
  • Wooden urns- are also "Green" burial urns. They come from responsibly sourced wood which will also naturally biodegrade over time if you bury it. A wood urn will take longer to decompose than other types of biodegradable urns. Additionally, the time scale also depends more on the wetness and acidity of the soil
  • Water-soluble urns- are ideal for a burial in a body of water. They are also made from handmade paper. However, their special designs allow them to initially float on the surface of the water. Then they sink slowly and eventually release the ashes into the depths.