How to choose an urn for ashes that will be buried

How to choose an urn for ashes that will be buried

An urn for ashes that you bury can either decompose or remain unchanged. Depending which you want it to do, will determine the material you choose.

An urn for ashes which will remain intact when buried

A metal urn for ashes is the best choice if you wish it to remain entire and preserve its contents intact. Both brass and aluminium urns will do this. Some people choose to place the urn within the presentation case for burying. This means, that while the case may gradually deteriorate within the ground, the urn itself will remain unchanged. If you decide to bury the urn directly in the earth, it is likely that the exterior may suffer some changes in colour and brightness. However, the precious contents will remain preserved and intact within forever.

Urns which will biodegrade in the ground

There are biodegradable urns of many different materials. They decompose at different rates depending on the material, the environmental conditions, and the moisture in the soil. Many people choose a biodegradable urn for ashes for its low impact on the environment.

A wooden urn or casket will gradually disintegrate over time. How long this takes will depend on the type of wood chosen. Hardwoods can last for many years, whereas MDF board will decompose much more quickly.

bamboo urn is a lovely eco-friendly alternative as the species of bamboo grows sustainably and biodegrades completely.

Urns made from handcrafted paper biodegrade quickly. With a sustainable production, these are  Green Burial products which decompose completely when buried. The paper comes from the bark of the Mulberry tree using an ancient harvesting technique which does not harm the tree. Urns made from handcrafted paper are available in many different forms. They have soft, gentle colours, and within the paper, there are tiny flower petals and leaves.

Cornstarch urns are another biodegradable option. These urns have more classic forms and are beautifully handpainted. You can use one to store ashes permanently in your home, a niche or a columbarium. A cornstarch urn will only begin to decompose when buried in the ground.

An urn made from a natural gourd is a less traditional and very unique option. These come with a lovely piece of driftwood and a beautiful "Tree of Life" bronze pendant.

Himalayan Rock salt is a rare material over 250-million years old. These urns are water-soluble so they will slowly dissolve over a period of time in wet soil conditions.