Jewellery containing ashes-how to choose the perfect item

Jewellery containing ashes-how to choose the perfect item

Jewellery containing ashes-how to choose the perfect item by Kristina Kennedy-Aguero

Jewellery containing ashes offers a special way to pay tribute to a departed loved one. Additionally, many people find comfort in having the ashes close to them and they feel that the deceased is still accompanying them.

What types of jewellery containing ashes are there?

Basically, there are two types.
Firstly, there are self-fill pendants. These pendants have a secret inner chamber where you insert the ashes. You remove a tiny screw to gain access to this space. We will send a special screwdriver as well as a tiny funnel. These will make filling the pendant easy. Alternatively, if you prefer, we will send you a special bag to send us some ashes and we will fill your pendant for you.
The second option is for us to combine some ashes into a special resin and enter it into the mount in the piece of jewellery of your choice.

What kinds of self-fill pendants are there?

We carry two ranges of self-fill pendants.
Our value range has a very accessible price and the pendants come in a wide range of designs and styles. Each one is finely crafted in stainless steel (316L) which maintains its bright and shiny finish. Additionally, the pendants come with a 22-inch chain and in a small presentation box. The discreet screw which gives access to the inner chamber is hardly noticeable so no one needs to know of the precious contents of your pendant. This screw has a tiny rubber gasket that makes the inner chamber air and water-tight to keep the ashes safe. If you wish, a drop of superglue on the threads will seal the cavity permanently.
Our precious metal range of self-fill jewellery containing ashes features many lovely designs in .925 Sterling Silver, or Rose, Yellow, or White 375 9k Gold. These pendants come with an 18-inch chain, a filling kit, and a small gift box.

Jewellery containing ashes set in resin

We carry an unparalleled selection of rings, necklaces, lockets, glass lockets, bracelets, earrings, charm beads, and cufflinks. Our skilled jewellers individually hand-craft each piece in the colour of resin you choose. There are twelve resin colours available and you can also choose to add a pinch of real diamond dust to add a subtle additional sparkle.
All of our pieces of jewellery containing ashes set in resin come in Sterling Silver and in Rose, White, and Yellow 9k gold.
The ashes will remain permanently sealed and safe within the resin and clearly visible. Our special UV-resistant resin will not fade or change colour. Additionally, it sets to a very hard finish that will not break, crack, chip, or shatter.
With our range of jewellery containing ashes set in resin, you can create a unique bespoke tribute to a special person.