Keepsake urns are a special reminder of a departed loved one

Keepsake urns are a special reminder of a departed loved one

Keepsake urns provide a very special way to keep a departed loved one close by for solace and comfort during this difficult time

Keeping a small amount of the cremation ashes of a departed loved one in a keepsake urn can be comforting and strengthening. After the death and cremation of a friend or family member there are many options as to what to do with the ashes.

Scattering cremation ashes in a favourite spot is one option. Using a scattering tube makes this process simple and serene. Burying the ashes in a wooden urn that decomposes is another option.  Some people chose a water burial and this can be beautifully performed using a water dissolving urn.

Keeping a loved one’s remains near to you can be comforting

Some people however choose to keep the ashes nearby. Many people find that keeping the ashes maintains a link with the departed and they find comfort in this. Creating a small shrine in the home with photos and momentous of the departed is a nice idea. Brass urns are ideal for this as they are elegant, and come in many different shapes, styles and colours.

Keepsake urns allow several people to maintain a link with the departed.

Sometimes family members or friends like to receive a small amount of the cremation. Keepsake urns are the ideal way to share the ashes between various people. These miniature urns contain a token amount of the cremation ashes of the departed. They are small, and come in many different styles, colours and materials. Keepsake urns made of brass are particularly popular and many have exquisitely detailed decorations.

A heart shaped brass keepsake urn in the form of a heart, is particularly touching. This comes with a brass stand to display it. The rounded form makes is perfect to carry with you and to hold in the hand to comfort and console.

Many full-sized brass urns have keepsake urns that match. This gives the possibility of keeping most of the ashes in one place and sharing a small amount of ashes into one or more matching urns. Keepsake urns can be handed out to close family members or special friends at a memorial service.

Due to the small size of these miniature urns many people carry them with them. Each one comes with a black velvet bad which protects it during transport. Having the keepsake urn close by at all times can provide strength and solace to many people. They can feel the presence of their beloved departed accompanying them and helping them.