Matching cremation urns, photo frames, and tealights

Matching cremation urns, photo frames, and tealights

Matching cremation urns, tea lights and photo frames let you create a moving tribute to your departed loved one. Alternatively, you can gift matching miniature urns, tealights, or photo frames to friends or family. That way, they can all have a similar way to remember someone special.

Matching cremation urns in standard, large, and miniature sizes

Several of our most popular urns come in different sizes. For example, the Bloom Red Patterned With Rose Adult Cremation Urn for Ashes comes in a standard size of 200-cubic inches. Also, in a double size of 365 cubic inches and in the miniature/keepsake size of 3 cubic inches.

This choice of sizes allows you to select matching urns to share with others or to use for different family members. Many people choose to use matching urns to keep the ashes of a couple who passed away at different times. While others choose to unite them in a single oversized urn. Some may choose to share the ashes in matching miniature urns between special family members.

Matching photo frames and tealights

Photo frames and tealights are also available in the Bloom Red Rose design. With these, you may choose to create a stunning display to remember your departed loved one. A matching tealight will bring a warm glow to your display when you light the tiny candle. Let your mind contemplate the flickering flame and find peace. Let your heart be filled with happy memories as you observe a special photo of a departed loved one in a matching frame.
The tealights have a capacity of 25 cubic inches to hold a small amount of cremation ashes. The photo frames measures 7.5-inches by 9.5-inches and can hold a 4.5-inch by 6-inch photograph.

Other matching designs

These are available in standard, double, and miniature sizes. They also  have matching tealights and photo frames.

These designs come in standard, and keepsake sizes. Also in tealights and photo frames.