New Year Resolutions to cope with grief

New Year Resolutions to cope with grief

New Year Resolutions can seem pointless to those grieving for a recently lost loved one. However, just as at any other time, they can provide an opportunity to analyse your current situation and find positive ways to improve it. Here are some resolution ideas that can help you to come to terms with your loss and cope with your grief.

Express your grief in writing

You have probably received Christmas cards from both people who know about your loss and some who do not. Take the time to reply to anyone who sent you a special message and drop a line to those who did not know to inform them. Writing is very therapeutic. It allows you to focus your thoughts and to express your emotions in a planned way. You will be thinking about the people you are writing to and their relationship with you and your departed loved one. This is sure to evoke happy memories of times spent together, and sharing these will make both you and the recipient feel better.

New year resolutions to keep busy

Often, the loss of someone with whom you are used to spending lots of time with can leave you with an enormous void that is hard to fill. Normally getting together with friends, joining a group, attending church, and many other activities can help us to occupy our time. However, with the current restrictions due to the COVID-19 crisis, many people are finding themselves very alone.
Here are some ideas to keep you busy at home.
Dig out that old watercolour set and start painting again or find a pencil and start sketching
Listen to music that you enjoy and don't be afraid to sing along. Singing is a great way to lift your spirit.
Find your knitting needles and any bits of wool or cut up some pretty old fabrics and make a patchwork cushion cover
You will find that doing any kind of creative activity will help you to relax and you will find that time will pass quickly.

Cooking and eating well

It is easy to not eat well when grieving. So why not express yourself in the kitchen and spend time cooking up some delicious dishes. You will not only find comfort in making them but also in eating them. In most areas, local businesses are delivering fresh food items. So give them a call if you are unable to get out to the shops yourself. Your local newspaper will probably have the phone numbers or your council will be able to give you the information.


Make doing some simple stretching and mobility exercises every day one of your New Year resolutions.  Make the effort to move all of your body as much as you can. Exercise promotes both physical and mental health and is an important factor in coping with grief. If possible take a short walk every day and get some fresh air.

Technology for New Year resolutions

If you have access to and know how to use a computer, tablet, or smartphone you will find many options for New Year resolutions to keep you busy. You could register for a course on a subject that interests you. Learn a new language or play an instrument. Join in virtual groups. Play online games. The choices are endless.