Paper Urns - An Ecologically Conscious Alternative

Paper Urns - An Ecologically Conscious Alternative

Paper urns are a great alternative for a biodegradable urn and an ecologically-friendly burial. You can bury paper urns in the ground where they will quickly decompose. Alternatively, some designs are for a water burial.

Paper urns made from Bark

Earthurns are made from the bark of the Mulberry tree. First, the ancient harvesting technique does not damage the tree which continues to live and grow. Then, local people hand-craft this sustainably-produced bark paper without using artificial colourants. Also, no glue is necessary. That means that it completely decomposes for an ecologically-friendly burial and so these urns are certified as a Green Burial product.

These paper urns come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and in soft, gentle colours. Also, they feel warm, comforting, and natural to the touch. Some have tiny leaves and flowers embedded in the paper, while others have tasteful embellishments, and one style comes with a lovely silk bag.

You can transport ashes in these urns and even take them as hand luggage on most commercial airlines. They are ideal for the temporary storage, scattering, or burial of cremation ashes. The exact time needed to completely biodegrade will depend on the soil and the weather conditions.

Recycled Papers Urns

Recycled paper urns are the perfect option for a water burial. The food-grade recycled paper is non-toxic and the water-soluble paints make this another Green Burial product. These paper urns float for a few minutes on the surface of the water before sinking and slowly descending to the bottom where they will decompose totally within a few hours. Each of these urns comes with a custom carrying case and you can transport it in the cabin on commercial flights.

The Memento water-biodegradable urn won the Red Dot Design award in 2011. It comes with twenty notecards for friends and family to write a farewell note. These enter through a slot in the top of the urn and will accompany the deceased to their final resting place.

Why choose a biodegradable urn?

As we become more conscious about the damage we can cause to our planet more people are seeking an ecologically-friendly burial option. Cremation reduces the body into a smaller amount by volume to be disposed of. That means that less land is necessary for the burial, and with a biodegradable urn, the ground or water will absorb both the urn and the remains within a short time. Additionally, using recycled or sustainable resources to produce the urns does not damage the environment or deplete resources.