Self-fill cremation jewellery keeps a loved one close

Self-fill cremation jewellery keeps a loved one close

Self-fill cremation jewellery is not a new idea. However, our range of styles and high-quality products offer a unique way to keep a loved one close by always.

What is self-fill cremation jewellery?

They are pendants that are hollow inside so you can insert a tiny amount of cremation ashes within. You access the inner chamber by removing a tiny screw. We will send you a tiny screwdriver to remove and replace the screw.

How do I get the ashes inside?

We will send you a tiny funnel to make inserting the ashes in through the screw hole as simple as possible. It is a delicate process and we would suggest that you place your pendant onto a surface where you can easily collect any ashes that do not enter.

Are the ashes safe inside?

Yes, the little screw has a tiny rubber gasket which seals the compartment. When you replace the screw, after filling, the gasket creates a water- and airtight compartment to protect the precious ashes. Some people like to permanently seal the compartment by putting a drop of superglue onto the threads of the screw before inserting. Remember, that if you do this you will be unable to retrieve the ashes in the future.

What are the pendants made of?

The pendants in our value collection of self-fill cremation jewellery are crafted form bight, shiny stainless steel. These come with a 22-inch chain and a small presentation box.  We also have a new collection of pendants that are finely crafted from hallmarked .925 Sterling Silver.

Both collections include pendants in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes. There are touching hearts, butterflies and teardrops. Some have words or designs engraved, while others incorporate different colours. Some are made to commemorate a special person and others a special pet.

Do they look like cremation pendants?

Some are obviously a tribute to a departed loved one, while others appear to be a normal pendant. The tiny screw is discreetly positioned and scarcely noticeable. That means that if you want to, you can keep the precious contents as your secret. No-one needs to know.

Why choose a cremation pendant?

Many people find comfort knowing that small part of a departed family member, friend, or pet is still with them. Our self-fill cremation jewellery lets you do the whole process, so you do not have to send the ashes off anywhere.

We also offer pendants made with ashes. For this type of cremation jewellery you need to post us some ashes in the special envelope we send you. We then mix them into a special resin and set them in the mount.