Solace Reef- a new and unique option for burial at sea

Solace Reef- a new and unique option for burial at sea

Solace Reef offers a unique option for a burial at sea. Your loved one's remains can become part of an artificial reef off the south coast of England. Here, they will contribute to a special place where diverse forms of marine life can thrive and develop.

What are artificial reefs?

Artificial reefs are man-made reefs. The idea has been around for a long time, and in Japan artificial reefs have helped to improve fish stocks for nearly four hundred years. Nowadays, artificial reefs often try to compensate for overfishing or the effects of trawling.

Why build an artificial reef?

An artificial reef can increase the diversity and number of species that can live and thrive in the area. Artifical reefs can provide a safe habitat where young fish and other sea creatures can develop and grow. Much of the natural habitat of these creatures is disappearing. For this reason, artificial reefs can make an impressive contribution to the well-being and sustainability of life in our seas.

What does an artificial reef require?

The structures of artificial reefs offer an environment which promotes the development and propagation of local creatures. The obstacles used must meet certain requirements. Firstly, they must be environmentally clean. Next, they must have sufficient weight so that the forces of the ocean can not move them from their placed location. Solace Reef meets these requirements, and, additionally has all the necessary permits and studies to operate.

What is Solace Reef?

Blocks of Portland Stone make up Solace Reef. These have a pyramidal form with lots of holes and openings in them to encourage the development of different species. You place the cremation ashes of your departed loved one in a water-soluble container which enters into one of these holes. In this way, your loved one's remains will be an integral part of this permanent living legacy.

Where is Solace Reef?

Solace reef sits about 3-miles off the Dorset Coast in the south of England and forms part of the Weymouth and Portland Wreck and Reef area.

How does it work?

A special vessel transports your Solace Stone along with up to twelve friends or family members out to the site. Here, the stone with your loved one's cremation ashes inside is released into the sea where it will sink to become part of the artificial reef. Each stone has an engraved granite plaque to identify it. You can engrave the message you choose. The family also receives a certificate of placement.