Sterling Silver Glass lockets- a versatile piece of jewellery

Sterling Silver Glass lockets- a versatile piece of jewellery

Sterling silver glass lockets- a versatile piece of jewellery by Kristina Kennedy-Aguero

Sterling silver glass lockets are one of our most versatile pieces of memorial jewellery. They allow you to create different elements to go inside. You can choose to display different elements at different times. That means that your locket can have diverse appearances. This is why we say that our Sterling Silver glass lockets are our most versatile piece of jewellery.

What are sterling silver glass lockets?

We offer two sizes of glass lockets. The smaller one has a diameter of 2.1-cm, while the larger one measures 3.1-cm in diameter. Each one is finely crafted in hallmarked .925 Sterling Silver. This has a Rhodium plating to prevent tarnishing and scratching. Each side of the locket has a glass face, made from a special toughened glass. A dainty hinge joins the two halves and gives access to insert the "elements" into the locket.

What are the "elements"?

There are thirteen different elements that you can insert within the sterling silver glass locket. These include hearts, stars, clovers, circles, moons, and bones. You can choose from small or large elements to place in your sterling silver glass locket. There is also a five-petal clover which you can create with different resin colours and/or ashes.
You can choose from twelve different resin colours to create the elements. Additionally, if you like, you can also add a pinch of diamond dust. This creates a discreet sparkle that you can really appreciate best in bright sunlight.

How many elements can I include in my sterling silver glass locket?

The large locket can hold up to two large and two small elements. Alternatively, you can place up to five small elements into your large glass locket. In the small locket, there is room for three small elements or one large and one small one.

Mix and match your elements

These sterling silver glass lockets let you create an infinite number of different looks. You can change which elements you display when. This allows you to coordinate your locket with different colour schemes. Alternatively, to have the pleasure of a different loved one accompanying you at different moments.
These sterling silver glass lockets are versatile, elegant and sophisticated.
For someone who already owns one, buying additional elements is a fabulous gift option. Every element is carefully crafted. Each one can be displayed alone in the locket or in the company of others.