Teardrop urns are an emotive break with tradition

Teardrop urns are an emotive break with tradition

Teardrop urns are an expressive alternative to classically styled urns. While traditionally shaped urns are beautiful, sometimes the occasion, or the person, may require something different.

Why choose a teardrop urn?

A teardrop urn is a great choice for an urn that doesn't look like an urn. Like traditional urns, the brass or aluminium has the weight and cool feeling you would expect from an urn. However, instead of the traditional curves, and plinths, and lid, these urns have a delightful flowing form and are a curvaceous expression of beauty. A teardrop urn offers a more modern, emotive type of urn that really expresses our sentiments at this sad time.

What does a teardrop urn symbolise?

A teardrop urn symbolises our sadness at the departure of a loved one. Tears are a natural accompaniment to death and are an integral part of the healing process. Yet, teardrops have an exquisite natural form that inspires peace and tranquillity. These urns are an artistic expression of the beautiful form of a teardrop.

What options of teardrop urn are there?

Some, are highly polished and without adornment. Others have intricately engraved designs, while others combine both. Teardrop urns come in bright shiny nickel silver, in different tones of brass, and also in a lovely blue metallic finish. Check out our entire range of teardrop urns here.

Are teardrop urns suitable for burial?

Yes, as they are made of metal, you can bury these urns in the ground. If you wish the urn to remain unchanged you may want to enclose it in a wooden or metal box to protect it from direct contact with the damp soil.

Can I keep a teardrop urn at home?

Yes, a teardrop urn is the perfect way to keep a departed loved one's ashes at home. The ashes will be safely sealed and protected within the metal urn forever. Additionally, as these urns do not look like a normal urn, nobody needs to know of their precious contents unless you choose to tell them. A teardrop urn on the mantlepiece or table looks simply like a beautiful piece of art- which of course, it is.

How do I order an urn?

When you have found the teardrop urn you like, just follow the easy instructions on our website to place your order and pay. Normally your urn will be delivered to you on the very next day. It will come in a protective cloth bag and within a lovely black velvet presentation box.