Water-soluble urns for a unique and special farewell ceremony

Water-soluble urns for a unique and special farewell ceremony

Water-soluble urns are ideal for any water-located dispersal ceremony. Whether you choose the sea, a lake, or a river for that final farewell, a water-soluble urn can make the moment extra special.

What is a water-soluble urn?

A water-soluble urn is one that will disintegrate completely when placed onto a body of water. The time this process takes depends on the type of material. Also, the water conditions, and the amount of cremation ashes within.


What are water-soluble urns made of?

A hand-crafted paper is a popular choice for water-soluble urns. The urns in our Journey Earthurns range use a paper made of the bark of the Mulberry Tree. A special clay-like substance which comes with different finishes is another option. Alternatively, there are urns carved from pink Himalayan rock salt. All of our urns employ natural materials in their construction, as in the dyes and glues used in them. That means that they do not cause any contamination. They are all environmentally safe and friendly.

Water-soluble urns come in traditional, modern, and unusual designs. We offer lovely hand-crafted paper urns in the shape of turtles, sand-dollars, lotus flowers, dolphins, and shells.

How do I use the urn?

Inside each of our water-soluble urns, there is a special bag which also completely disintegrates in the water. Simply place the cremation ashes into the bag and put it into the urn. Next, place the urn gently into the surface of a body of water. Here, it will float peacefully for a few minutes before disappearing beneath the surface and sinking to the bottom. Here, it will decompose releasing the cremated remains into the water.

Where can I release the urn?

If you choose a lake or river which is on private property you must ask the owner's permission.

Taking a boat ride out into a lake, or a short distance out to sea is a popular choice. This allows the final moments to be more personal and private. Many people scatter flower petals into the water around the urn to accompany it with added beauty.

Mini urns are available so that a number of people can participate together in the ceremony.  The mini turtle urns make a lovely display when released together, floating gently with their precious cargo until the waves envelop them.

The Momento Urn has a slot in the top where mourners can introduce messages written on a special paper to accompany the deceased on their final journey.