Choosing a Cremation Urn for a Child’s Ashes

Choosing a Cremation Urn for a Child’s Ashes

The loss of an infant is devastating, but choosing an appropriate urn in which to safeguard their precious cremation ashes can be a beautiful and healing process.

People often make a special place in their home with photos and memorabilia of the departed child.  This can help them through the grieving process. Placing the urn here gives you a focal point for your meditations. Having the ashes in a finely crafted urn can help to reassure you that your child is in a safe and beautiful place where no harm can come to them. The very loveliness of the urn and the care with which it is created, can be soothing and comforting at this difficult time. Our urns for infants are made from brass, which means that they have a heavy, solid, cool feel to them when you hold them. You will find solace from taking the urn in your hands and holding it close to your heart, sensing that special bond between you and your child, that can never be broken.

Beautiful Child Urns

Our child urns come in peaceful gentle colours, in both traditional and more modern forms.  The decorations range from very simple to highly ornate. Some people choose adornments of toys that the child loved, and teddy bear urns are some of our most popular urns for infants. Tiny brass footprints which ascend the side of the child footsteps urn, which comes in a variety of shades, is also a very sought-after design. We also offer child keepsake urns and a child urn set with a large urn, a small matching keepsake urn, plus a tiny keepsake heart with a stand, so that you can share the precious remains of your beloved child with other family members.

An urn can be either a temporary or a permanent resting place for your child’s cremation ashes. Some people choose to maintain the urn and the ashes in a permanent display.  While some choose to safeguard the urn in the presentation box. Others may choose ultimately to scatter the ashes in some special place. For this, we would recommend that you transfer the ashes to one of our special child scatter tubes.  This makes the transportation and the dispersion of the ashes convenient and simple.

Follow Your Heart

Let your heart guide you to the urn that will be of comfort to you.  Let it give you strength during this difficult time. Take time to observe the details and fine craftsmanship that will inspire happy memories.