Dividing cremation ashes can help the grieving process

Dividing cremation ashes can help the grieving process

Dividing cremation ashes between various people can help each one in their grieving. Also, scattering the cremated remains in different places can be a special way to say farewell. Finally, a ceremony where various participants release a portion of ashes together can be a supportive and emotive option.

Dividing cremation ashes between family and friends

Sharing ashes among family or friends can allow each one to have a special remembrance of the departed. This allows them to either keep them closeby or, to have a personal farewell. Some may choose to keep the remains in a miniature keepsake urn. Others might prefer a tea light where a small votive candle can be lit. Perhaps they will choose to scatter the ashes in a special place. While others may choose to create a special piece of memorial jewellery with the ashes.

Dividing cremation ashes depends on the agreement of all the family. Someone who opposes strongly could ask for a legal ruling, which will probably go in their favour. The law considers the ashes to be the same as the body and that they should not be divided up.

Religious considerations

Of the religions which permit cremation, only the Catholic Church has rules about what can be done with the ashes. These, must not be kept in the home, scattered, or split up.

Scattering in different places

Some people choose to scatter the ashes of a departed loved one little by little in different places. Sometimes these may be special places that they had enjoyed visiting with their departed loved one. Or, they could be new places that the person feels in this way accompanied to by the deceased. Either way, many people find comfort in doing this and frequently they take photos of the moment. Scattering tubes are a convenient way to transport and then release ashes. These can even be taken as hand luggage on an aeroplane.

A last send-off in group

Organizing a final farewell which various participants can take part in is a lovely option. A popular choice is to share out the cremated remains in miniature water-soluble urns. Then, everyone heads out in a boat or walks along the banks of a river or a lake. At the chosen spot each person places their urn onto the water surface at the same time. This can be a very special and moving moment, as together they watch the urns float a while and then sink into the water.