Ideas of what to do with cremation ashes

Ideas of what to do with cremation ashes

You can bury, scatter, or keep cremation ashes. Choosing to cremate a departed loved one allows those left behind more time to decide what to do with the remains.

Burials can be hard to deal with so soon

A burial is very final, the casket descends into the hole, and that's it. The earth is thrown in on top and you know that your last physical contact with the deceased is over. Usually, the funeral and burial take place not long after death. Often family members are still in a state of distress and are not ready to say goodbye to their loved one.

Cremation gives more time to adjust

With cremation, however, the ashes of the deceased remain.  The family is left with something tangible of their departed loved one. Many people find it comforting to keep the ashes nearby in a beautiful urn. Holding the urn can bring solace and comfort. Examining the fine craftsmanship can inspire peace and calm. They can feel a real link with the departed.

Cremation ashes can be kept indefinitely

You can keep cremation ashes for as long as you need them. There are no rules when it comes to grieving. In a sealed urn they will remain intact forever. This allows the family time to decide what they would like to do with the ashes, if anything. At first, many people keep the urn on display. Later, they may move it to a special place out of general sight. As the healing process evolves some people will decide that finally, the time has come to do something with the ashes.

What to do with cremation ashes?

You can bury ashes in a biodegradable urn, or place the brass urn in a columbarium. You can scatter them on the land, in a special place, or, in the back garden. To make scattering easy, there are many choices of scatter tubes available. For releasing the ashes into a lake or river, or into the sea, there are a wide variety of water-soluble urns you can choose from.

Sharing cremated remains

You can share the ashes between several close friends or family members. Miniature keepsake urns are ideal to allow various people to have a very special remembrance of the departed. Alternatively, tea lights are another lovely way in which to share remains.

Cremation Jewellery

With cremation jewellery, ashes can be kept close forever. Some styles have a small safe compartment where the ashes enter. Other styles, incorporate the cremation ashes with a special resin in a choice of colours. Choose from rings, pendants an bracelets.