Scattering tubes for ashes ensure a tranquil farewell

Scattering tubes for ashes ensure a tranquil farewell

Scattering tubes for ashes make sure that the final farewell is calm and moving. These specially designed tubes let you control the moment with dignity. Find out more about how and where you can scatter ashes in the UK, and also, why scattering tubes for ashes are so popular.

Where can you scatter ashes?

In the UK there are surprisingly little regulations regarding where you can scatter cremation ashes.

  • On private land, you should get permission from the owner.
    In a river or at sea you should follow the Environment Agency guidelines.
  • On mountains and hillsides be aware that cremation ashes contain phosphate. This could interfere with a delicate ecosystem. Spread the ashes thinly over a large area to reduce their impact on the environment.
  • Many crematoriums, cemeteries, and churchyards have designated areas where you can scatter ashes with permission.
  • Sporting venues are a popular choice for sprinkling ashes. Check with your local club. Some clubs have annual memorial ceremonies for supporters.

Scattering tubes for ashes are a great help.

Scattering tubes are sturdy cardboard tubes that you can reuse, recycle, or compost after use. Their rounded form fits comfortably in the hand to give you control over the scattering. Additionally, the easy-open lid ensures a calm moment to say goodbye. Scattering tubes for ashes come in a wide choice of different designs, colours, and in two different sizes.

Why scatter ashes?

Scattering ashes in a special place will let you always feel your loved one's presence when you visit there. Many people choose somewhere that they enjoyed spending time with their loved one. A special place full of happy memories.

You do not need to scatter all of the ashes.

Many people choose to keep some of the cremation ashes. Some place them in a miniature urn they carry with them. While others may opt for a decorative urn in their home. Creating memorial jewellery with a tiny part of the cremation ashes is becoming increasingly popular. There are many different designs of rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, charms and cufflinks to choose from. Additionally, there is a choice of twelve different resin colours to create unique bespoke pieces of memorial jewellery. Also, you can even add a pinch of real diamond dust to create an added sparkle.

Enjoy a special moment using scattering tubes for ashes.

Wherever you decide to scatter ashes always be considerate of other people around you. Try to pick a quiet spot with few people about. Also, remember to take into account the wind.