Thinking about funeral arrangements beforehand

Thinking about funeral arrangements beforehand

Thinking about funeral arrangements beforehand can be of help to all concerned. It can often be difficult to know how to approach the subject. Many, may even consider it taboo. However, expressing your desires can make both you and your family feel better.

Why plan your funeral arrangements?

Firstly, it makes sure that your family knows your wishes. It means that they simply have to follow your instructions instead of having to make the decisions.
Secondly, it means that you can be sure that your body will be treated how you decide it should be. This can be very comforting, especially for those who know their end is near.

What funeral arrangements should you think about?

The most important decision is if you wish to be cremated or buried.
If you choose cremation, you should also decide what should be done with the ashes. If you opt for burial you should decide where. You could even arrange the plot yourself.
You may also want to plan your own funeral service. Many people make a list of their favourite hymns, readings, or poems that they would like at their funeral.

What can you do with the ashes?

Some people choose for their ashes to be kept in a special urn in a columbarium. Others may want them to be buried. Many opt for scattering in a favourite spot and select a scatter tube to make this easy. Some people would like several people to have some of their ashes. Our miniature keepsake urns and tealights are ideal for this.

Memorial jewellery made from ashes is becoming more popular and if you like this idea you might suggest it to your loved ones. You could even pick out a piece of jewellery together.

Many couples choose a double-size urn in which to guard the ashes of the first to depart. Then later on their own ashes can be added so they can be reunited forever.

A recent company review.

A gentleman's recent review of Cherished Urns inspired me to write this article.

His wife had recently died and he purchased a water-soluble urn to release half of her ashes into her favourite stretch of water. The other half he was going to keep in an urn that they chose together.

He has instructed their daughter that when his time comes, half of his ashes will go into another water-soluble urn. This will be placed in his favourite watery place. Then his ashes will join hers in the urn.

It was obvious that he felt at peace with the plan and satisfied that it would be carried out.

How lovely.