Urns for pets- how to choose the perfect pet urn

Urns for pets- how to choose the perfect pet urn

Urns for pets, just like pets themselves, come in all different sizes, shapes, styles, and colours. Here are some ideas to help you to choose the perfect urn for your departed pet.

Why purchase urns for pets?

The death of a faithful animal companion can be just as devastating as the loss of a human friend. Many people find it comforting to keep the cremated remains of their cherished pet near to them. Knowing that the animal is now resting peacefully within a lovely recipient can help to bring peace.

What sizes do urns for pets come in?

Our smallest urn has a 25-cubic inch capacity and our largest one 140-cubic inches.

As a general rule, each pound of live weight is transformed into one-cubic inch of ashes after cremation. We recommend that you add ten-cubic inches over the calculated amount to make sure that the urn will accommodate your pet.

What kind of urns for pets are there?

Wooden urns come in different styles including caskets and classically turned forms. They feel warm and comforting to hold and the grain of the natural wood is beautiful to look at.

 Brass urns are available in many different colours and those with paw print designs are very popular. These feel cool and calming when you hold them. They come in many different styles including a lovely heart-shaped urn.

Water-soluble urns are ideal to give your special pet a water burial. There is a lovely round one with kittens on it and others with pawprints.

Keepsake urns let you keep a token amount of your pet's ashes with you at all times. They are very small and come in a tiny presentation box. Some people find it comforting to carry one with them so their faithful friend still accompanies them.

Tealight urns allow you to light s candle in memory of your special furry, feathery, or scaly pal.

Scatter tubes are the ideal way to disperse your pet's ashes in a favourite place.

You can enter a tiny amount of your pets remains into a memorial ash keepsake pendant. We will send you a small funnel to make this easy. In this way, your departed pet can always be close to your heart.

For a very special departed pet, you can even have a customised piece of memorial jewellery made. These pendants, rings, earrings, cufflinks, and charm beads combine a tiny amount of the ashes with a special coloured resin. Or, you can include hair or tiny pieces of feathers instead of ashes.