Ways to remember a special pet - some unique ideas

Ways to remember a special pet - some unique ideas

Ways to remember a special pet - some unique ideas by Kristina Kennedy-Aguero

To remember a special pet there are many different options. There are special urns for beloved animals and a wide choice of jewellery that can include or contain their ashes. Additionally, some bespoke pieces of jewellery can include fur or feathers.
Losing an animal companion can be very hard and many people find comfort in creating a special tribute to their faithful friend.

Urns to remember a special pet

Our range of animal urns offers a lovely way to remember a special pet. We have wooden urns, brass urns, keepsake urns, water-soluble urns, tealights, and also scatter tubes with animal motifs.

Wooden pet urns

These wooden urns for pets come in different sizes to accommodate any size of creature. For a small pet like a gerbil, hamster, or budgie a tiny 25-cubic inch urn would be ideal. A cat or small dog will fit in the 50 or 70-cubic inch size while a large dog will need the 90 or 140-cubic inch size.

Brass urns for animals

Our collection of brass urns for animals come in four different sizes 0.5-litres, 0.73-litres, 1.4-litres, and 2 -litres. There are also brass tealights where you can light a tiny candle in memory of your beloved pet. Additionally, we have classically and heart-shaped keepsake urns. The cool feel of our brass urns will help to centre you when you hold them in your hands. They are exquisitely crafted and many have touching pawprint inlays. Brass urns are a lovely way to remember a special pet and keep them close.

Pet scatter tubes

Our scatter tubes for pets have a 20-cubic inch capacity. You can use these biodegradable tubes to make scattering ashes easy, or for permanently keeping ashes in.

Jewellery made with ashes, fur, or feathers

Our range of memorial jewellery is a really unique way to remember a special pet. You can choose to include your pet's ashes, fur or feathers into any of our many styles of jewellery. Additionally, there are some styles specially designed to pay tribute to a beloved animal. You can choose from twelve different colours of resin to hold your animal's remains and can also include a pinch of diamond dust for an added sparkle.

Self-fill jewellery to remember a special pet

Our range of self-fill jewellery allows you to insert the ashes into the hidden chamber yourself. We send you a small funnel to make this easy and a tiny screwdriver to remove and replace the little screw that seals the compartment.