Why Resin is the Best Choice for Your Memorial Jewellery

Why Resin is the Best Choice for Your Memorial Jewellery
Resin is the best choice for your memorial jewellery and has several advantages over the alternative, which is glass. So, for your memorial rings, pendants, bracelets, charms, ear rings, and cufflinks, here are-

Seven reasons why resin is the best choice 

1. Safety

Glass, as we all know breaks. That means that an accidental knock on your piece of memorial jewellery could cause it to chip, crack, or even shatter. This could lead to you losing the previous ashes in it. Also, shards of broken glass could cause injury to the wearer or others. Resin, on the other hand, sets to an extremely hard and durable finish. Resin is the best choice as it can stand up the knocks and bumps of everyday life.

2. Setting options

We enter the resin into the setting in liquid form. That means that it fits perfectly and creates a secure bond. Resin allows many more options for intricate settings than glass. Also, glass is difficult to mount and is prone to fall out of the setting.

3. Beauty

We build up the resin layer upon layer and select and place individual ashes to look their best. The ashes appear to float suspended within the resin to create a profoundly beautiful effect. Glass does not offer the same control and so the end result may not be as spectacular.

4. Additions

If you would like an extra sparkle to your piece of memorial jewellery, we can add a pinch of real diamond dust into the mix. When the sunlight catches on this it creates a magical glimmer and shine. This option is not available with glass memorial jewellery.

5. Colours

Our special resin comes in a choice of twelve distinct colours. Glass also comes in different shades. However, the consistency of the resin colours mean that you can be sure what colour your piece of memorial jewellery will be.

6. Changes

The final layer of resin is very hard and we polish it to a high shine. This will not scratch, scrape, or get dull with use. Additionally, the resin has a U.V. filter which stops fading so your jewellery will remain the same shade you ordered it in. Glass, however, builds up tiny scratches over time. These can ruin the surface and destroy the original shininess.

7. Weight

Memorial jewellery with the ashes set in glass can feel heavy to wear. Resin, however, is much lighter in weight and so much more comfortable for the wearer.